APAC Osteoporosis Experts Launch Online Training Modules


The Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis Consortium has created an online site hosting educational resources on osteoporosis.


There are “significant inconsistencies” in clinical practice guidelines in Asia-Pacific for the management and prevention of osteoporosis and fragility fractures, according to Dr Manju Chandran, president of APCO and director of the Osteoporosis unit and bone metabolism at Singapore General Hospital. She also highlighted the “lack of information available” on adherence to national guidelines in daily clinical practice.

APCO stressed the urgent need for minimum clinical standards for the assessment and management of osteoporosis in the APAC region. According to the group, more than 80% of patients with an osteoporotic fragility fracture in the region are not evaluated or treated despite facing “twice the risk of death” at the start. This despite the wide availability of safe and effective osteoporosis management strategies.

In view of these concerns, this group of osteoporosis experts developed the interactive 17-module series entitled Health Care Professional Peer-to-Peer Educational Modules. It has a huge instructional slide set that includes 231 slides.

With this, APCO aims to equip the region’s osteoporosis “champions” with information, supporting data, summaries of thematic literature and examples of good practice that support the minimum clinical standards of. APCO described in its framework for osteoporosis care launched in January of this year.

“Raising awareness and educating healthcare professionals in Asia-Pacific is imperative to effect changes in the actual clinical practice of osteoporosis care and fracture prevention,” said Dr Chandran.


By 2050, an estimated 319 million people aged 50 and over in the APAC region are expected to be at high risk of osteoporotic fracture, accounting for more than half of hip fracture cases globally, noted the Dr Chandran.

The economic burden of treating a single hip fracture in the region is now “extremely high”, equivalent to around 19% of APAC’s GDP per capita, according to APCO committee member Dr Ip Tai-Pang. In Hong Kong, for example, medical costs for hip fractures are expected to reach $ 243 million over the next two decades, up from $ 85 million in 2018.


“[The] The launch of APCO training modules demonstrates the organization’s continued commitment to achieving greater consistency in national and regional clinical practice guidelines for the screening, diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in the Asia region. Pacific, ”said Dr Philippe Halbout, member of the executive committee of APACO and CEO of the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

“Osteoporosis experts can use the new APCO HCP training modules, in whole or in part, to inspire and further inform their peers and professional communities about people at high risk of fracture who require identification and assessment, depending on of their medical and fracture history, risk factors, concomitant diseases, results of country-specific osteoporosis screening tools and risk of falls, ”also said Dr. Ip from Hong Kong.

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