Ballot # 6D calls for property tax increase to fund new library


Ballot number 6D is on the ballot for this electoral cycle as a request for additional funding for the community library of Berthoud. The proposal aims to increase property taxes by $ 1,275,000 per year starting in 2022, with annual increases in the initial amount plus total inflation plus growth through 2052 to fund the construction of a new library. which will be built on the Waggener Farm Park property, next to the Berthoud leisure center, which is scheduled to open in November.

The board of directors of the Berthoud library has been discussing the possibility of building a new library for several years. In a press release, the board said: “Our little library was built 28 years ago, when Berthoud only had 3,000 people. Today, our growth has brought our population to over 15,000, rapidly increasing to 20,000 with no slowdown in sight. This six-fold population growth has put tremendous pressure on our families and community to access library services. Library CEO Amie Pilla said: “Over 100 people walk through our library doors daily and the library checks 143 books or documents per day, and over 2,500 people attend a cultural or educational event each year. sponsored by the library. But the library regularly has to turn people away because we don’t have enough meeting space, computer terminals or private study / work spaces for students and adults. ‘”

The City of Berthoud has agreed to lend the land on the property of the Waggener farm for the location. At the regular meeting of the board of directors of Berthoud on October 19, the board voted unanimously for a proclamation of support for ballot number 6D. The district fire protection council of Berthoud also adopted a resolution in favor of the new library.

A special tax district was approved by voters in November 2007 that imposed a levy of $ 2.4 million on residential properties in the district. The Library District encompasses the same geographic area as the Berthoud Fire Protection District – the area east of I-25 and west of Carter Lake, north of Hwy 60 and south of County Road 36.

6D will increase the mill levy by 4.393 miles. The total levy at the mill will increase to 6.793 vintages if 6D passes. Voter language indicates that 6D will increase property taxes by $ 2.97 per month, which works out to $ 35.64 per year, per $ 100,000 of home value, as of January 2022. For a home valued at $ 500,000, the increase would be $ 178.20 per year starting in 2022 plus whatever the owner is currently paying.

According to the wording of the ballot, the increase will allow the construction of a new, larger library building to meet the growing needs of the community, with separate spaces for children and adolescents, new community meeting rooms, a laboratory. innovation and recording studio, expanded computer lab and internet capacity for public use, continuously adding bestsellers, classics, audiobooks / e-books and movies for free, and to fund the making in charge of personnel costs and general operations.

Why should the citizens of the library district approve of the tax increase? According to supporters, the library provides free educational resources to everyone, the library helps boost the local economy, the library plays an important role in learning English, libraries make communities healthier, they preserve history, libraries help connect communities, libraries help underserved populations.

Opponents of the measure cite that it is another tax increase for homeowners that will continue for 30 years. Opponents also argue that while the ends are worth it – as recently have been tax increases for the Thompson School District, Larimer County mental health initiatives, recreation projects and much more. others – higher taxes mean more money in the pockets of those who are already struggling. income taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes and others. With inflation rising at rates not seen in decades and tremendous growth in the region, the requested tax increase could cause landowners to pay several hundred or even thousands of dollars more per year in tax burdens during the period. economic uncertainty.

Election day is November 2. Ballots can be cast at any of the 23 locations in Larimer County. There is a drop-off point in Berthoud on the east side of the library at 236 Welch Ave.

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