Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum obtain a custom-made wearable defibrillator

The defibrillator was purchased with Power NI’s large £1000 Brighter Communities and ensures the group of cyclists can have it with them at all times in case of an emergency.

The cycle’s weekly sessions attract local participants of all ages who come together for both exercise and social gathering to build friendships and improve their personal physical and mental well-being.

Majella Quigley, BBHF Office and Finance Manager, says: “Our cycling sessions cater to all levels and participants and are led by two facilitators on each ride. We wanted to secure a defibrillator that could be carried by an accompanying person on their back when traveling by bicycle.

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Aoife Magennis of Power NI and Georgie Harkin of Bogside and Brandywell Health Forum with the “Rescue Backpack”, purchased with Power NI’s Brighter Communities funding.

“I hope we never have to use it, but if we do, our new portable defibrillator will be a lifesaver and our trained facilitators will be on hand to administer critical first response and potentially save a life.

“Our cycle routes change from time to time, but our enthusiastic members like to take the Foyle Embankment route and often stop for a short coffee break. It offers everyone the opportunity to engage and socialize in a safe environment and comfortable where informal chat and socializing may be what some participants need in their lives, as well as exercise.While many people bring their own bikes, we can also offer a range of bikes and equipment security if people don’t have one.

“One of our members highlighted what our Saturday cycles mean to them, saying, ‘I really enjoyed the group trips for several reasons; it got me out of my apartment, loved meeting new people and the bike ride was invigorating and fun. It was great to be outside and exercise again.

“The Forum would like to thank Power NI for providing us with this grant. Buying a defibrillator is something we couldn’t have afforded and we are truly grateful to Power NI’s Brighter Communities program. Ashleigh O’Neill of Power NI said, “The Forum Cycling Initiative is a fantastic community support program, helping people to ‘take care’ of both their minds and their bodies. It will be comforting for group members to know that they have a portable defibrillator on hand in case of an emergency.

The Bogside & Brandywell Health Forum offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing in the community, schools and workplaces. It aims to support and help local people of all ages to lead healthy lifestyles and connect with each other, as well as providing a wide range of programs focusing on physical and mental health, smoking and nutrition.

Power NI first launched the Brighter Communities initiative in April 2018. Since then, it has supported a wide range of bespoke groups and clubs, ranging from wheelchair basketball, beekeepers, cyclists to era and young cheerleaders to street football, dragon runners, early childhood, environment and stroke. recovery groups.

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