Buying guide: 5 steps to purchasing health insurance online



Your health is your most precious possession and you can protect it by purchasing health insurance online. It’s a quick and hassle-free process.

Buying health insurance online may seem difficult, but it’s easier than it looks. You just need to do your research, research some benefits, and compare different health insurance plans before making your final decision. If you have not yet purchased your health insurance policy, it is advisable to purchase one to protect your health and finances.

However, some people may skip purchasing a health insurance plan because they may think it will increase their expenses. But what if you catch an acute illness? Then you may have to fork out all your savings to complete your treatment, which will land us and your family in a serious financial crisis. Therefore, purchasing health insurance is a prime solution to avoiding such financial hardship.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid making mistakes when buying health insurance online:

Step 1: Research

Before going ahead and buying health insurance online, it is essential that you conduct thorough and intensive research into the plans and policies available in the market. Also, get an idea of ​​all the documents you would need. You can also contact the customer service managers of an insurance company for assistance.

Step 2: compare

Thanks to advancements in technology and efficient online services, you can now calculate the premium you might have to pay on a regular basis. So browse through the policies, calculate and compare the premiums before making your final decision. The premium should fit comfortably into your monthly budget and should not be seen as an additional burden in the future. So, it is essential to research, compare and understand all aspects of purchasing health insurance online.

Step 3: Understand the Benefits and Exclusions

You need to fully understand the rewards and benefits of purchasing a health insurance policy. An insured can benefit from certain tax benefits, consumable benefits, pre and post-hospitalization benefits, and much more. However, there are a few types of treatments that are excluded from a health insurance claim, so make sure you know all about the benefits and exclusions of any policy you want to purchase to avoid your claim being rejected.

Step 4: Check the renewal

Each policy has renewal limits. However, it is advisable to go for a renewable life policy as it will not become obsolete at any point in your life, as long as you pay the premiums on time. While there are some health insurance policies with a limit, which may expire once you reach a certain age, and you may need to purchase a new one to protect your health.

Step 5: Make the payment

The last step that you need to take is to make a successful online transaction. You can pay via net banking, online wallets or even your debit / credit card. It’s a simple process that you need to go through smoothly by understanding how online payment works. If you are paying via your debit, credit, Visa or RuPay card, make sure you have the registered cell phone number ready.

Nonetheless, when purchasing health insurance online, be sure to go with a reliable insurance provider such as TATA AIG to have comprehensive coverage and cashless treatment in the event of an event. unhappy medical. Also, you can select a suitable health insurance plan from their website, depending on your needs and financial capacity.


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