Commissioners attack the right to health care [letter] | Letters to the Editor

It seems to me that Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons proudly displays his anti-abortion sentiments and his desire to control and limit women’s access to reproductive health services here through personal threats.

Oh good? Does Parsons intend to dictate the terms of the provision of these services based on his deep understanding of medicine? Does he think women really want to have a local politician in the room with them when they see their doctor? Does he think he knows better than doctors at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, Penn State Health and UPMC Lititz how to handle pregnancy and childbirth?

What arrogance! These decisions about the provision of medical services are not made only at the local level in today’s health care systems.

Lancaster County Commissioner John Trescot rightly observed that abortion is legal in the state of Pennsylvania. Regardless of whether one agrees with this, is Parsons now telling the state what it will or will not allow locally? It is the law here?

Parsons and fellow commissioner Ray D’Agostino have thwarted the idea that Lancaster County could have a decent health service. What are they afraid of? Medical science?

Lancaster County voters should be aware of how the power of these politicians is being used to thwart their health care rights here. Threats to freedom of choice or freedom of expression constitute a clear abuse of power.

It is not a question of left or right, a Republican or Democrat question. This is, in my view, a stark example of a public servant’s ego overriding his obligation to serve the community that elected him.

Kathy Godfrey

Township of Mannheim

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