Debt restructuring without credit bureau information

There are quite a few consumers who have to pay several loans. The reason is obvious, it is the careless handling of shopping. You buy a new TV, you buy a new washing machine, it was so cheap. So the debt spiral continues to turn downwards.

If you then start to sort the invoice according to urgency, then a debt restructuring is due. The debtor would like to combine all of his loans in order to have a better overview. But there is the negative entry in the credit bureau that nullifies a conventional debt rescheduling loan. In this case, debt restructuring without credit bureau information remains the solution.

Debt restructuring without credit bureau information

Debt restructuring without credit bureau information

If you have a good connection to your house bank, you could try to get a debt rescheduling loan, if possible with reduced monthly installments, by disclosing your debt plan with the house bank. To do this, the term of the loan would have to be extended. Many house banks accept this deal because they know the customer’s finances and what the income is like. If the entry in the credit bureau is only marginal, for example an unpaid mobile phone bill, the house bank can also be as accommodating and reschedule without providing credit bureau information.

But this requires the conversation. However, if you are sure that the house bank will not work, the online credit agencies are ready to help the loan seeker after a debt rescheduling without credit bureau information. In the past few years, the credit bureau-free loans in particular have often been discussed due to dubious business practices, but an experienced customer will no longer fall for a windy credit broker. The practices are so widely known that even a loan seeker who is not that firm when looking for a loan will contact an honest credit broker.

The outlook

The outlook

A debt rescheduling without credit bureau information is a serious way to get a loan. The banks in this country do not grant credit bureau-free loans, but the situation abroad is different. It is the Swiss donors or a credit bank from Liechtenstein that have the main monopoly on these loans. Since it is difficult for a German loan seeker to get to the lender, a credit broker is seen as the link between the loan seeker and the lender. The funds come mainly from the Agree Bank in Liechtenstein. You can apply for the loan at the bank yourself, but it is much more convenient to add a credit broker. The loan applications and the processing times all have the same picture.

It is not a difference whether it is applied for as an express loan from a financial broker or directly from the bank. Only the application via the credit intermediary is more convenient. But then the commission is also added. Not all borrowers are predestined for debt rescheduling without credit bureau information, only permanent employees or civil servants have prospects. This form of credit is only secured by income from work. Those who can name a guarantor or have real assets to pledge do not improve the chances of a loan. Although these loans are not subject to credit bureau’s review, the creditworthiness is checked in terms of income. Only the public debt register is viewed. If an entry is noted there, there will be no credit.

The conditions

A debt rescheduling without credit bureau information will only exist in two loan amounts. On the one hand this is 3,500 USD, on the other hand 5,000 USD depending on the credit rating. The minimum income for a loan of over 5,000 USD must be 1,600 USD for a single person. For every person subject to maintenance, there will be 250 USD more. Due to the fixed monthly rates, which amount to 40 monthly rates for both loans, a downward credit rate can no longer be granted. These conditions at Swiss banks are fixed.

Anyone who accepts a Swiss loan through a credit intermediary must have a regularly incoming and sufficiently high income. The income should be paid through a self-employed activity. The permanent position should last at least one year. The income must be above the garnishment exemption limit. As a result, no seizure of wages or salaries may exist. As with any loan, there are also fees for rescheduling without credit bureau information. Anyone who has the option of repaying the loan earlier will likely be presented with a prepayment penalty.

Applying for the loan is easy and hassle-free. The application begins with the search for the credit intermediary. Then a loan application is sent to the intermediary. Based on the data available to him, he will send a non-binding loan offer to the loan seeker. When all credit checks have been completed, the loan will be approved and the money will be paid out at the same time. The whole credit procedure will take two to four working days, sometimes it can take a little longer, depending on how quickly you have done it by post.

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