Diwali Pahaat programs allowed in Pune as COVID-19 cases decline


“Diwali Pahat” programs – morning music concerts held during Diwali – have been allowed in the city this year as the number of COVID-19 infections drops, Maharashtra’s chief deputy minister said on Friday. , Ajit Pawar.

Diwali Pahaat (“Pahaat” means dawn in Marathi) programs are popular in Pune but could not be organized last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Speaking to reporters here after a pandemic review meeting, Pawar said a decision to allow 100% occupancy of theaters, cinemas and auditoriums would be taken after taking stock of the situation after Diwali. Auditoriums, theaters and cinemas have been allowed to reopen with 50% occupancy from Friday.

The city of Pune has not recorded any deaths from coronavirus infection in the past two days.

“I congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi and everyone who worked to reach the 100 crore vaccination dose mark. In Maharashtra, we administered more than 10 crore of doses while in Pune 1.17 crore of vaccine doses were administered, ” Pawar said.

During the review meeting, some public representatives requested that Diwali Pahaat programs be allowed as cases and deaths of COVID-19 are on the decline and the administration has accepted the request, he said. .

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