Dr Mitchell Katz honored by the Aspen Institute for Civic Leadership

Dr. Mitchell Katz receives the 2021 Preston Robert Tisch Award in Civic Leadership from the Aspen Institute

NYC Health + Hospitals President and CEO awards $ 25,000 stipend to public health care system

New York, New York State

NYC Health + Hospitals announced today that System President and CEO Mitchell Katz, MD, has been awarded the 2021 Preston Robert Tisch Award in Civic Leadership from the Aspen Institute. This prestigious award is presented to an individual who has made a positive impact on their community, who embodies the broad ideal of values-based leadership of the Aspen Institute, and who has exemplified this ideal in innovative ways that can serve as role models for other leaders. The Preston Robert Tisch Prize in Civic Leadership is funded by Robert Tisch’s family – Steve Tisch, Laurie Tisch, Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch, as well as the Laurie M. Tisch Enlightenment Fund – to honor his legacy of leadership, public service and philanthropy. The prize includes a stipend of $ 25,000 to be paid to a non-profit organization chosen by the winner. Dr. Katz donates the funds to NYC Health + Hospitals.

“I am honored to be recognized by the Aspen Institute and the generous Tisch family on behalf of the entire NYC Health + Hospitals system. While I may be the named recipient of this prestigious award, this honor is truly a reflection of the courage, skill and commitment to mission that reside within each member and supporter of our Health + Hospitals team. “, said President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals Mitchell Katz, MD. “This award is a prime example of the importance of supporting NYC Health + Hospitals on behalf of all New Yorkers. I am so proud to be recognized as a member of this extraordinary team.

“Mitch Katz is an exemplary leader and we are delighted to present him with the Preston Robert Tisch Award for Civic Leadership,” said Laurie M. Tisch, Founder and President of the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. “I first met Mitch in 2018 when our foundation started working with NYC Health + Hospitals as part of our Arts in Health initiative. He has placed H + H at the forefront of hospital systems using the arts to improve the health of patients, staff and the wider hospital community. Then COVID-19 hit our city and the world. His leadership of our country’s largest public hospital system during one of the darkest periods in our history was nothing short of heroic. His empathy, humanity, innovation and determination have saved and still save countless lives. We are all indebted to him.

Dr. Katz will receive the 11th annual Preston Robert Tisch Award in Civic Leadership on Monday, December 13. The Aspen Institute Award will be broadcast live from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. The evening will center on a conversation moderated by my friend and medical school classmate Elisabeth Rosenthal, MD, editor-in-chief of Kaiser Health News.

Dr Katz was appointed President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals in January 2018. During this time, Dr Katz has focused on advancing the transformation of the public healthcare system with many new initiatives to expand the ” access to primary care services, reduce administrative costs, invest in more frontline clinical staff and strengthen financial stability. In September 2020, NYC Care, a healthcare access program for New Yorkers who are not eligible or cannot afford health insurance, went live citywide four months ahead of the date. planned under the direction of Dr. Katz.

Dr Katz’s initial transformation strategy helped lay the foundation for the public health system to meet the challenges of the unprecedented global health crisis, COVID-19. During the pandemic the system was able to more than triple its intensive care capacity, set up a dedicated COVID-19 hotline to help alleviate dangerous overcrowding in the system’s emergency departments, skip nearly all appointments you from existing outpatient care to telemedicine and help establish the Test & Trace Corps in town. The public health system is now also providing essential support to facilitate the City’s rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and reminders for eligible people.

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