Encinitas Performing Arts Training Center Helps Focus on Mental Health


ENCINITAS, Calif. (KGTV) – Katherine Graham has been playing since the age of 6, but with passion, dedication and hard work, also comes the pressures that teens love her face.

“A lot of teenagers feel the pressure to look a certain way, to be perfect all the time,” Graham said.

That’s why Kayla Schaffroth, founder of a new performing arts training center in Encinitas called Project interpreter, paved the way for mental health when she created the curriculum.

“We focus on the mental part, making sure they become confident, self-reliant go-getters; that’s a big part of our mission,” Schaffroth said.

Schaffroth was 3 when she took center stage, performed in plays nationwide, and graduated from college in musical theater.

“It’s so ingrained in me that’s what I’m supposed to do,” Schaffroth said.

The performing arts studio that opened on August 9 was an online concept born out of last year’s pandemic to give young artists a chance to pursue their passion through virtual classes.

“Even though there weren’t a lot of shows, it kept them focused, encouraged and motivated during this really tough time,” Schaffroth said.

Students will now hear clues in person at the Encinitas Boulevard site, with singing, dancing, and drama lessons, as well as Elevate Teen classes, which focus on building confidence and self-esteem. .

“It’s phenomenal to have this because even the online courses really helped connect socially during the pandemic and find a strong group of friends and build self-confidence as a performer and feel comfortable, ”said Graham, a current student from Schaffroth.

Schaffroth concluded: “If we can be part of their journey and act as mentors and as a guide, and provide them with a safe and loving environment, then we are doing a great job as we enter this crazy time for them. adolescents. ”

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