Exercise programs help seniors overcome arthritis pain

The program is called “Walk With Ease” and is part of a partnership between the Health Equity Council and Bernalillo County.

“Helps people start from where they are in their fitness level and improve their fitness through walking,” Shcroeder said.

Only 30 minutes is all it takes.

“People think it hurts to move, but movement actually reduces the impact of arthritis on your life. This program helps people understand arthritis pain and how to get through it and how to manage it, and how to try to maintain health and fitness despite this disease,” said Shcroeder.

“We had health issues related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis. Yeah, so that seems to help, said Walk With Ease participant Melinda Marquez. “So it’s not like I can run a marathon right now. But every time I come, it gets easier and easier.

And this program holds them accountable.

“It’s good for you. You know, mentally physically. It helps you, even when there are days when you’re like, ‘I just don’t feel like doing this. You’re trying to talk yourself out of it. And once you get here and push through,” Marquez said.

“There are lasting impacts. I think people gain self-confidence. They make friends they can continue to meet outside of class and start their own walking group,” Shcroeder said.

And that’s what they love the most, the friendships they’ve built.

“It’s a diverse group and a variety of age groups. And so we’re having a great time, and before you know it, you’re walking and talking and the clock is ticking,” Marquez said.

You also have the option of participating in this program at home. The county will send you a book with all the information you need, and you can log your steps while walking around your neighborhood.

If you want to know more, visit the Walk With Ease website.

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