Governor Lamont applauds final passage of climate legislation that includes new emissions standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles

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Governor Lamont applauds final passage of climate legislation that includes new emissions standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont applauds the Connecticut House of Representatives for giving final approval today to the legislation (Senate Bill 4) that includes his proposal to adopt emissions standards for California for medium and heavy vehicles, which will help improve air quality and health outcomes for Connecticut residents.

Several states neighboring Connecticut have already adopted similar emissions standards, including Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. These standards will ensure that manufacturers produce cleaner vehicles and offer them for sale in Connecticut, giving potential consumers more options while reducing a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse in the state.

The legislation also makes various legislative changes under the Connecticut Clean Air Act and establishes several new programs and initiatives regarding the use of electric vehicles and improving air quality by reducing related greenhouse gas emissions. to transportation.

“The choice is clear, passing the California framework and the other major initiatives in this bill will be another important step toward cleaner air and better health outcomes for all residents, especially those who live in our cities and along our transportation corridors, and also gets us back in the right direction on our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, Governor Lamont said. “I commend the Senate Chairs of the Environment Committee and the Transportation Committee, Senator Cohen and Senator Haskell, respectively, for their efforts to guide this bill, as well as their counterparts in the House, the representative Gresko and representative Lemar. I look forward to signing this important bill.

“Today’s vote was a victory for the people of Connecticut – all of us,” Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Katie Dykes said. “This legislation will mean cleaner air, better health outcomes and reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions; provide residents and businesses with cleaner vehicle options; making it easier for residents to buy and charge an electric vehicle, especially those in environmental justice communities who bear the worst air pollution loads; and more. This was one of the most important legislative sessions for clean air and climate action in Connecticut history – Senate Bill 4 will guarantee Connecticut residents and businesses access to e-bikes , clean and affordable passenger vehicles, trucks, school buses and transit buses, and the passage of Senate Bill 10 and Senate Bill 176 ensures that these vehicles will be powered by a clean and reliable electricity. I applaud all of our legislative partners and advocates for their efforts to defend this impactful legislation.

The transport sector is responsible for 67% of emissions of nitrogen oxides, a key component of smog. Medium and heavy vehicles – which include trucks, buses and small delivery vehicles – account for up to 53% of nitrogen oxide emissions, although they only represent 6% of the on-road vehicle fleet. The transportation sector is also the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions statewide, at 37%, and as revealed by the latest inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, emissions from this sector are increasing, while they should decrease by about a third. in this decade if the State wants to reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for 2030. Medium and heavy vehicles are responsible for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

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