Groups are mobilizing against the oppression of diverse communities around the world



The rally in San Diego on Sunday brought together various community groups against national and international oppression, including Palestinians, Colombians and African Americans.

The event started as a caravan from Los Angeles and ended at the north end of Balboa Park. About a hundred people took part.

Jenine Erikat of the Palestinian Youth Movement in San Diego said:

She and others spoke about the injustices facing citizens of their hometowns, from the Colombian and Filipino communities to Israeli military violence against Palestinians to police violence against Colombian rebels. Did. The protests oppose the currently withdrawn tax measures, police violence and the privatization of the health system.

Erichat and his colleagues said the United States supports the government and military behind injustice abroad.

Similar rallies were held in May and June in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

“American imperialism is the greatest enemy of the oppressed people,” Alexandria de los Santos of the Filipino group Anakbayan San Diego told the crowd.

She expressed support for the Philippine human rights law, which suspends the sale of taxpayer-funded weapons to the Philippine government and other US security aids.

His speech was followed by a series of chants.

“Stop the American war machine from Palestine to the Philippines,” chanted the crowd. Then: “Free people, free land. Justice is our demand. “Police and borders, we don’t need them. What we want is total freedom. . ”

The rally also included members of the LGBTQ community who identified it with other communities, including the Palestinian, Colombian and black communities.

After the rally at Balboa Park, the group took to the streets for a march.

Groups are mobilizing against the oppression of various communities around the world Source link Groups are mobilizing against the oppression of various communities around the world


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