Northwell Health has leveraged its extensive network and strong emergency response capabilities to deliver COVID-19 testing and large-scale vaccination deployments to vulnerable communities. Watch our video on their winning initiative, “Advancing Health Equity Through Community Partnerships to Fight COVID-19”.

Bringing together colleagues from across the state, the task force will provide recommendations, develop initiatives, and share strategies to help New York City healthcare providers deliver high-quality healthcare to diverse populations in your communities. . Join us! Health equity leaders are invited to complete this questionnaire to indicate your interest.

Senate Republicans have said they do not support pairing the two provisions, and it is unclear whether congressional leaders will reach a resolution by September 30, at the end of the fiscal year. Meanwhile, intense negotiations continue as Democrats grapple with how to push forward with fiscal reconciliation and pending infrastructure packages.

The Firstline project, funded by a CDC grant, provides free infection control training to unauthorized workers who are not required to complete mandatory infection prevention and control training. Register your team, complete the CDC Learning Needs Assessment Survey, and learn more on the Project Firstline webpage.

Their drug-assisted treatment program helps prevent opioid overdoses and supports individuals in their struggle with substance use disorders. Learn more in our Member Spotlight.

The Biden administration announced the investment of US bailout funding to strengthen and equip state, local, and territorial public health departments and other partner organizations with the resources needed to better fight infections in health facilities. health, including COVID-19 and other known and emerging infectious diseases.

The CDC’s health alert recommends that clinicians be on alert for infectious diseases, including measles, mumps, leishmaniasis and malaria, among Afghan nationals and US citizens evacuated from Afghanistan. Clinicians should immediately notify their local or national health department of any suspected cases.

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