Health PS Touch Base with the health team of the province of Isabel



Isabel’s provincial director of health, Dr Tony Quity (front) giving his presentation on the state of the healthcare system at Isabel and the current challenges.

With the rollout of COVID-19 launches in the provinces, members of senior management (SEM) of the Department of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) are taking the opportunity to get in touch with provincial health teams as well. .

The Permanent Secretary for Health, Ms. Pauline McNeil, accompanied by the Director of Policy and Planning (DPP) Mr. Ivan Ghemu, arrived in Buala, province of Isabel, yesterday (Sunday 22 August) afternoon for the launch of the rollout of COVID-19 vaccination for the province, scheduled for today August 23.

Upon arrival, they both proceeded directly into a long overnight meeting with the Provincial Director of Health, Dr Tony Quity and his team to listen to their stories, challenges faced and engage in constructive discussions to explore better pathways for normal health services and activities. including COVID-19 operations and vaccine deployment.

Making his remarks at the start of the meeting, Dr Quity thanked Ms McNeil and Mr Ghemu for accepting their request for an extraordinary meeting.

“We are touched because it is a privilege and an honor to have you here with us in the province for the vaccine launch but also this special meeting. This meeting gives us the opportunity to have frank discussions on how we can improve health systems and services in the province of Isabel, but also to share some success stories where we can capitalize to further improve care. and health services in the province of Isabel. “

After Dr Quity’s presentation on the state of the health system in the province of Isabel, the permanent secretary responded by expressing his sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent work that the health team has done in the province. despite limited resources.

“The challenges and issues raised are similar to those in other provinces and the ministry is fully aware of this, so we have focused our efforts on the decentralization of capacities and capacities in accordance with the ministry’s role delineation plan (RDP) and in accordance with lessons learned from the recently revised 2016-2020 National Strategic Health Plan.

“Therefore, while efforts are focused on COVID-19 preparedness and response, we are also taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation to strengthen provincial health systems. For the province of Isabel, an ambulance, a hospital vehicle and a 60 horsepower engine with its boat will be deployed here.

We have also formalized the recruitment of 131 newly graduated nurses, 55 Red Cross and Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood volunteers, and 13 physicians who will all assist with immunization to ensure minimal disruption or disruption to ongoing work. provincial health workers.

“The ministry is also working on the strategic mobilization of resources from various health sectors and development partners in the sector to modernize both health facilities, including the provision of specialized equipment and the strengthening of health programs and projects. public health as part of increased investment in preventive measures and overall improvement. health services in all sectors and departments, ”explained Ms. McNeil.

However, presenting all the support put in place for the province of Isabel, the Permanent Secretary for Health underlined the importance of partnerships and strengthened internal controls, communication and information sharing.

“Partnerships have proven to be effective in our favor and this is an area I encourage you to explore. Partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the private sector, faith-based organizations (FBOs), communities and churches As this is important for the mobilization of resources and the effective delivery of health services, programs and projects, it is It is therefore necessary to expand our players in the field who can contribute to the implementation of our health programs.

“I would also like to encourage improved information sharing between you and with us at the national level, as information sharing will not only allow us to be kept up to date with what is going on, but also allow for planning. and informed decision making, ”said Ms. McNeil.

She ensured the ministry’s continued support to the Isabel Provincial Health Team to ensure that the plans and strategies in place are implemented in a timely manner to generate a significant impact on the health and well-being of the population of the province of Isabel.

Source: MHMS press release

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