Jesse Bump and Nancy Turnbull Receive First Sastry Awards for Outstanding Teaching | News

May 25, 2022 – Jesse Bump and Nancy Turnbull are the 2022 recipients of a new award recognizing outstanding teaching in public health at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

The Sastry Award for Outstanding Teaching in Public Health recognizes up to two faculty members each academic year for their significant impact on students and how they have, through excellent teaching, inspired students to achieve their goals of public health. Any student, alumnus, faculty member, department chair, colleague, or dean, individually or collectively, can nominate someone for a Sastry Award. Each recipient receives $10,000.

Bump is a lecturer on global health policy and executive director of the Takemi Program in International Health. The main objective of his research is to analyze the evolution of ideas and institutions that promote better societal performance in health. His work has focused on the special opportunities to build health systems and advance social protections during and after widespread disruption by infectious disease outbreaks, colonial extraction, conflict, industrialization, globalization and other processes.

Turnbull is a lecturer in health policy and senior associate dean for educational programs. In the latter role, Turnbull helps lead the school’s MPH and DrPH programs, field education and practice, and a range of other school-wide activities. She is also the director of educational policy in the Department of Health Policy and Management and is the faculty subject area director for the MPH-65 program in health policy. Turnbull’s professional interests include health insurance, insurance regulation and the expansion of health care coverage.

The nominations for Turnbull and Bump included many superlatives.

“If the purpose of education is to challenge us to think critically and erode ignorance, Jesse has served that purpose brilliantly,” wrote one person who named Bump. Another wrote: “I am sure his teachings will stay with me for life.

Of Turnbull, one contestant wrote, “She is indeed one of a kind, and I greatly appreciate her humanity, resourcefulness and excellence in helping students thrive in all circumstances. Another wrote: “She is the ultimate public health advocate, connector, mentor and role model.”

The Sastry Awards were created through the generosity of Dr. Srinivas Sastry, MPH ’90. Sastry, an ophthalmologist with a clinical practice in Bethesda, Maryland, chairs the Harvard Chan School Dean’s Council of Advisors and is a member of the school’s Nutrition Roundtable Steering Committee. Sastry established the Sastry Harvard iLab Innovation Fund at Harvard Chan School, the Sastry Global Health and Health Policy Fund at Harvard University, and the Sastry Fund for Student Innovation at Harvard Medical School.

“I am so grateful that one of our incredible alumni created this award to honor the excellent teaching of our faculty,” said Erin Driver-Linn, Dean of Education. “The many deeply moving nominations we have received demonstrate the generosity and respect our teachers have for students, as well as how an individual teacher can have a huge impact in a student’s life, sometimes by listening, sometimes stimulating, always taking care of him. .

Karen Feldscher

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