Kalafhi Medical launches Renewal Aesthetics :: Mmegi Online

A local healthcare company, Kalafhi Medical Center has entered the skin care arena with the launch of skincare products, Renewal Aesthetics.

Kalafhi Medical Center launched the product in May, and Renewal Aesthetics offers cosmetic treatments that address acne issues, acne scars, dark spots, sun damage, pigmentation, and blemishes, among others. anti-aging. Renewal Aesthetics by Kalafhi Medical Center also offers a variety of services including chemical peels, microneedling, skin tags, while lipolysis injection is also offered.

Speaking at the just-concluded 2022 Botswana Consumer Fair, Mitchell Wright, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kalafhi Medical Center, said Renewal Aesthetics recently added botox injection, primarily used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. In the new services there is also thread lifting for sagging skin. “We don’t just offer the treatment, but we also offer products that help with certain skin conditions, we have treatment packages that help with acne.

There are also serums that help reduce blemishes, we have one that helps with your pigmentation and sunscreen among a whole range of products and services,” Wright said.

Renewal Aesthetics at the Consumer Fair offered consumers a chance to get 30% off products and services.

Consumers only had to visit a shoot and photo for a chance to get a free skin evaluation. “We also offer consultations for skin issues on the tour and that is also covered by medical aid. During the consumer fair period, we were also offering discounts on our treatment. You can visit our social media pages and see the range of products and services we offer,” Wright said. Renewal Aesthetics products and services can be found in Extension 5 in Gaborone at a relatively low price as low as P120.

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