Leumit Start partners with WeCcelerate to create a digital health accelerator

Leumit Health Services has signed an agreement with WeCcelerate to create a digital health accelerator under Leumit’s technology and innovation project – Leumit Start. The purpose of this joint accelerator, called Leumit Weccelerate, is to guide novice entrepreneurs through the first steps, from initial idea to working product.

The joint accelerator will select initiatives in the areas of health with a focus on digital health, with Leumit providing clinical advice and guidance, access to anonymous databases for data research, advice for regulatory approvals, the Helsinki Committee, the conduct of clinical trials, pilots and product implementation. WeCcelerate now supports start-up entrepreneurs from the concept stage, through feasibility testing and market research, preparing a business plan, intellectual property aspects and legal issues, building a a company and its administrative skeleton, the recruitment of investors and more.

Leumit Health Services recently announced the creation of the Leumit Start project with the aim of increasing its business in the fields of health and presenting advanced solutions to Leumit customers, introducing advanced and innovative technologies for the benefit of its patients. , improving the quality of medicine and streamlining processes at the HMO. The project focuses on developing collaborations with leading startups, academic researchers, health organizations, and other sources in various areas of digital health.

“WeCcelerate joining forces with Leumit Start was natural. WeCcelerate has helped companies on their long journey from the early stages of business to a profitable and functioning business, said WeCcelerate CEO Alon Pinhas. “Now, after teaming up with Leumit, we are reaching out to newbie medical entrepreneurs and offering our integrated business model with clinical advice, access to anonymous databases, pilot execution, research and more.”

“The field of digital health offers endless possibilities for improving the quality of medicine,” said Leumit Start CEO Yizhar Laufer. “As part of the extensive activity of Leumit Health Services’ innovation and technology company – Leumit Start, we have decided to work with WeCcelerate and create a joint accelerator in the field of digital health and medical devices. With this new accelerator, we can reach out to first-time entrepreneurs as well and offer them comprehensive business advice, clinical and regulatory support that will help them take their idea from concept to fruition and success.

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