Life span reaches 30 years of inspiring health and happiness

Lifetime Founder Bahram Akradi remains one of the few active founding CEOs across the country. He says: “I started Life Time 30 years ago to create happy and healthy communities that the whole family could enjoy together and, with the support of our wonderful team members, to help them meet all their needs. health and wellness conveniently under one roof.Over the years, we have had the incredible privilege of serving millions of Lifetime Members as they pursue their dreams of a healthier, healthier life. I am extremely proud of the company we have built and even more so of the wonderful member stories that have been told and lived since the beginning.”

Incredible Members

  • Julia Porra and his daughter, Elena – A woman’s search for strength also leads to her daughter’s personal power. “Elena chose me to be her mother because I’m strong enough to be her mother,” Julie said. “I’m capable enough and I appreciate the gift that she is and her purpose on Earth. She’s been my greatest blessing. She’s taught me so much.” Video
  • Jeff Morton – When Jeff Morton needed a life-saving kidney transplant, his brother, Scott, volunteered to be his donor. But Scott’s own health issues made him ineligible. Already a life member, Scott pledged to improve his own health – and soon discovered that by saving his brother, he was also saving himself. Video
  • Ryan Jurgenson “Perhaps the hardest thing in the world to do is conquer your fears. “Resilient Ry” decided to measure their health journey without a scale. “It definitely taught me a very valuable lesson to never give up.” After
  • “Love in the Club” – After years of working together, Quacy Millet surprised Jamie Deutsch with a proposal amid rose petals and candles at Life Time in Syosset, NY. After
  • “Love in the Club” Part II – Stacy and Jeremy Brown met at the grand opening of Life Time Vernon Hills in 2008. This led to marriage in 2014. “We traveled everywhere with Life Time together – Kansas, New York, New Jerseyand Illinois“, says Stacy. “Our daughter was RAISED on Life Time and is a Life Time kid through and through.” After
  • Ali Sorour – After more than 40 years of marriage, Ali lost the love of his life when his wife, Minoo, died of leukemia. In his Life Time community, he turned to friends to help him fight and deal with grief, playing pickleball several times a week. “I can’t detach the memories from my life,” Ali says. “But I’m happy again.”

Lifetime fans

Thousands of people have remained loyal members of Life Time since the company’s early years – many proclaim that Life Time “feels like a second home”. Others point to how their time at Life Time has impacted other aspects of their lives: “I’m more confident, more productive, more patient with others, and just happier after spending a few hours taking take care of me at Life Time,” one longtime member said. Here’s what three others had to say about their nearly three-decade membership:

  • Jeanne Kiel – joined Life Time in July 1993. “The club is a great social outlet and it’s very important to me. I have a plethora of friends in Life Time. Every day I see many that I can call out by name and vice versa. Reception knows me well, too.” Now 76, Jeanne attends six different classes at Life Time in Maple Grove, Minn. Monday to Saturday. “The workouts help keep my bones strong while also being good for my mind. The instructors are excellent and dedicated to their jobs and kindly accommodate those with limitations. The staff are friendly and helpful.”
  • John Dudley – joined Life Time in October 1992. “When I first joined Life Time, I worked with a personal trainer to learn how to use all the equipment and exercise types I needed to help me stay as active as possible. .” These days, at 75, Jan says she still enjoys working out at Life Time in New hope, Minn. several times a week. “I’m comfortable training on my own now, and I’ve learned what I need to do to keep my body moving. It’s fun – and I look forward to it every day.”
  • Marty Drasler – joined Life Time in July 1993 at 28 years old. Her fitness routine at Fridley, Minn. the club includes 20 to 30 minutes of cardio three or four times a week; strength training three times a week; tennis twice a week; and yoga 2-3 times a week. “I have always felt welcome at Life Time. The facilities are clean, well maintained and it is a place where I can go to follow my healthy lifestyle. Going to the club is also very social for me. I have met many wonderful people over the years and made some close friends along the way.My entire family, including my husband (a member for over 20 years) and my two adult daughters, are all Life Time members! “

Rapid growth

Now present in 29 states, one Canadian province and 41 major markets, Life Time continues to expand with new locations and programs to serve members from 90 days to 90+. Far more than a typical gym or fitness center, Life Time sports country clubs average more than 100k square feet – with programming for every area of ​​interest. New clubs will be opening soon in New York, Atlanta, Palm Beach Gardens, Scottsdale and elsewhere. Most Life Time locations offer these programs and amenities:

For a list of Life Time clubs or to schedule a visit, Click on HERE.

Happy and healthy communities: A new way forward

About lifespan®

Life Time (NYSE: LTH) empowers people to live healthy, happy lives through its portfolio of nearly 160 country sports clubs across United States and Canada. The company’s communities and healthy lifestyle ecosystem address all aspects of healthy living, healthy aging and healthy entertainment for people aged 90 days to 90+. Supported by a team of more than 30,000 dedicated professionals, Life Time is committed to providing the best programs and experiences through its clubs, iconic sporting events and a comprehensive digital platform.

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