Local ER doctor helps underserved metro communities fight COVID-19 pandemic – 95.5 WSB

ATLANTA – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen the impact of the virus on underserved communities.

Atlanta’s West End is one of many metro communities, and a local emergency physician wants to make sure communities like the West End get the health care resources that aren’t readily available to them.

Dr. Jonathan Goss is the CEO and Founder of Emergent Testing.

His team is bringing COVID-19 tests, vaccines and treatments to underserved communities in Georgia and Texas.

“Higher positivity rates and lower vaccination rates. This population represents an at-risk population still two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Goss said.

Health care at no cost to the patient.

“It’s about bringing health care to the community,” Goss said. “We just want to do whatever we can as a community initiative to support the community.”


Bringing more jobs to underserved communities is also part of Goss’ mission.

“These employees are the people of the community. there’s a lot of people who said, “Hey, I want to help out when I can,” Goss said.

Venues are set up in tents in a number of different neighborhoods, including Atlanta’s West End, Snellville and Decatur.

The Goss team is now focused on providing the COVID-19 pill, knowing how much vaccine hesitancy still exists in underserved communities.

“We want to give people options. Not everyone wants to get vaccinated, and everyone has their beliefs about that,” Goss said. “If we meet someone who has had symptoms for less than 5 days, they are a candidate to receive the anti-COVID-19 pill.”

Goss said the resources he provides now extend to other health care needs that many of these communities don’t have access to.

It offers telemedicine and it is also free for patients.


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