LTSS-COIN Research Projects | VA Providence Healthcare

VA research staff and their research projects

James Rudolph, MD
Evaluation of Veteran-Led Home and Community Services
♦ Increase veterans’ use of community LTC via timely release of VA CLCs

David Dosa, MD, MPH
♦ Improve antimicrobial stewardship in Veterans’ Community Living (VA) centers
♦ Training and coaching to promote high performance in VA Community Living Centers

Vincent Mor, PhD
♦ Implementation and evaluation of INTERACT in CLC VA
♦ Can simultaneous palliative care and cancer treatment achieve superior results?
♦ The effect of reducing and standardizing reimbursements in the VA Fee-Basis program: impact on quality of care and health outcomes

Amal Trivedi, MD, MPH
♦ Risk-adjusted hospital outcomes for veteran’s socio-economic status

Wen-Chih Wu, MD, MPH
♦ Group medical visits in heart failure for post-hospitalization follow-up

Kali Thomas, PhD
Evaluation of Cash Benefit Programs for Veterans’ Long-Term Care

Haley Morrill, Pharm.D.
♦ Prevalence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) Gram-negative bacteria within AV

Kevin McConeghy, Pharm.D.
♦ Antimicrobial Allergies and Veteran Health: Uncharted Territory in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Jennifer Primack, Ph.D.
♦ Veterans facing long-term suicide

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