Mental health and marital conflict

The couple’s state of mental health is an aspect of marital conflict that is often not a priority. It is important to note that any marriage that suffers from mental health issues will be in conflict. Indeed, poor mental health is a stressor in marriage. This makes the partner who suffers from it likely to be touchy and emotionally drained, thus making it difficult to communicate with their partner. If not handled properly, it can become a big point of contention in the marriage.

It is therefore important for married couples to ensure that they are in good mental health. They need to care about their mental health and help each other to be mentally stable.

How to achieve this is the focus of this article, and I hope it helps married couples in conflict due to poor mental health.

Identifying problems without proposing solutions is a useless exercise. Every mental health disorder is treatable. Couples facing such a challenge need to know that help is available for them. So there is no reason to lose hope and resign oneself to fate. Once they embrace this truth, they can seek out the help available. Research has shown that ‘victims’ (patients) are reluctant to seek professional help when seeking a diagnosis. According to Dr. Lasebikan, in her book, Women’s Mental Health Problems, “Only two in five people with mood swings, anxiety, or substance use disorders seek help the year of their birth. ‘appearance of trouble’.

Thus, husband and wife should not hesitate to seek professional help, which has proven to be the easiest way out of mental health disorders. Encourage your spouse to seek professional help, adhere strictly to medication use, and attend therapy sessions together as often as possible.

According to Dr. Ajayi, the marital vow of lifelong commitment should motivate both husband and wife to stand up for themselves in times like this; by showing maximum love and care to allow your spouse to meet the challenge of mental health.

The use of drugs in the treatment of mental health problems is always an effective option to deal with the situation. Fear of being stigmatized for using antidepressants should not deter “victims” from adopting it. Also, it should be understood that antidepressants are not addictive and as such no fear should be entertained in its use. Although there may be adverse effects in its use, these effects hardly last more than a few weeks. There is therefore no cause for alarm. In fact, there will always be an antidepressant that will suit a patient, so the question of its adverse effects becomes moot.

Research, according to Dr. Ajayi, claims that faith in God is also good for mental health issues. “Believe in God, have faith beyond the current situation. With faith, your spouse is able to pray with you. I also believe that faith in God gives the energy to hold on to change, no matter how difficult or insurmountable the challenges may seem.

Commit to discussing things with your spouse, set aside time to talk about each day, how you are having the day and everything. Share your world with your spouse; it helps to cope with stressors. Fears of being misunderstood, judged and being offered unsolicited help should not prevent a person from engaging in meaningful discussions with their spouse. The spouse must listen continuously during the conversation. Men don’t engage in it much because of how they were raised or the misinformation they have about such an interaction.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also a discussion process available from a psychiatrist that is very helpful in treating mental disorders, especially cases of depression. This therapy helps the patient to understand his way of thinking, either from childhood or from a phase of life, which causes the disorder to escalate. Identifying this will go a long way in providing the support needed to overcome the disorder.

Engage in mental enhancement activities such as fun activities that you enjoy or are passionate about. For example, if you love to dance, go out and dance like a star. You can also go swimming or play.

You should also visit the natural environment for green exercise. Nature has a great impact on a person and helps him to relax. Parks, play villages, tourist sites revealing the wonders of nature are very useful for improving mental health.

Regular exercise will have a positive impact on stress levels, improve good mood, self-esteem and stimulate the body for a good night’s sleep.

In conclusion, couples need to know that help is available for any mental health condition, especially if help is sought early enough. People do recover, and nothing is strange about them, so we don’t have to feel shy about seeking professional help. As stated, it is a common phenomenon that is ignored or neglected by many and leads to their destruction. Many marital cases of physical abuse and spousal death could have been avoided if only adequate attention had been paid to the role of mental health in marriage. Managing mental health issues in the right way will help reduce marital conflict.

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