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Long-time Ogilvy Health executive Kate Cronin is leaving the organization to become brand director for Moderna. She spent 17 years with the agency and led it as Global CEO after being promoted to Co-Chair in October.

Despite the size and prestige of Ogilvy Health – according to the MM + M Agency 100 revenue chart, it ranks 12th among companies in the sector, with estimated revenue of $ 145 million in 2020 – it’s not hard to understand the appeal of Moderna’s work. Two years ago, the company was largely unknown outside of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology worlds; now literally millions of people have the Moderna vaccine in their veins.

As Cronin highlighted her affection and belief in Ogilvy Health – “I gave my heart and soul and will always love this agency,” she said – the Moderna opportunity has proven to be a powerful one. lure.

“It’s an amazing company with brilliant people, and they are changing the world with their science. It was a once in a lifetime moment: I took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I’m in it. “

Unsurprisingly, the Moderna brand is closely linked to the role the company played in the vaccination effort. Much of Cronin’s charge will therefore be to broaden this perception, especially as Moderna continues to establish itself as a leader in the supply of vaccines and mRNA therapeutics.

“Everyone knows the business and science of mRNA,” Cronin said. “But it’s also about the potential of this science – not just the COVID vaccine and what they’ve achieved, but how science can help with a number of different disease categories. They have just started.

In his new role, which officially begins on July 12, Cronin will lead all branding and communications activities. She noted the difference in size between her Moderna team (“very flat, not many people”) and the more than 1,000 healthcare people worldwide at Ogilvy. “We have to figure out what we are building and what we are buying from the agencies,” she said.

Of course, now that Moderna is such a household name as any company in the healthcare industry, Cronin and his team face a unique set of challenges.

“We’re basically the most well-known startup you’ve ever heard of,” she said. “But that’s an interesting point, as Moderna is associated with saving the world from COVID. It’s like, ‘What else do you have?’ This is where I come in, to help structure science in a way that brings people in and helps them understand how transformative it is and how it can be applied.

“I’m testing the storytelling on my mom,” Cronin added with a laugh.

Prior to taking on the role of Global CEO, Cronin held various positions at Ogilvy, including Global Managing Director and Managing Director of the New York office of Ogilvy PR. She was inducted into the MM + M Hall of Woman in 2020. Cronin was co-chair of Ogilvy Health alongside Andrew Schirmer, who recently joined GSW as head of the firm’s New York office.

“It’s hard to be surprised that Kate’s talents have caught the attention of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies,” Andy Main, global CEO of Ogilvy, said in a statement. “While we are sad to lose her, we are excited about how she can help make an impact on the world in her new role. We have a great team with a depth of talent and we look forward to doing so. other leadership announcements in the coming weeks. ”

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