Mosquitoes 2022 – Coos Health & Wellness


Coos Health & Wellness (CHW) wants to search for West Nile Virus (WNV) carrying mosquitoes in our Coos County communities. Stand still outside for 60 seconds and if 20 or more mosquitoes land on you, you have found the right time and place to catch the mosquitoes.

You can help by setting a trap overnight in the mosquito infested area and then bringing the catch back to us. CHW provides the trap and easy to follow instructions. CHW will identify each mosquito by species, and any batches suspected of carrying WNV will be sent to the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory for testing. By the end of the summer, we hope to know what species of mosquitoes are found in each community and if West Nile virus is present.

Who can volunteer?

  • Can you get to the CHW to set up traps and return equipment and mosquitoes within days?
  • Can you protect yourself from annoying mosquitoes?
  • Have you reviewed the mosquito trap instructions?
  • Can you carry a mosquito trap (two gallon-sized buckets) into the bushes to hide where only a mosquito can find it?
  • Do you want to learn something new and different about entomology or epidemiology?

Call us for the opportunity to trap a mosquito at 541-266-6720.

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