NYU Langone Hospital — Brooklyn receives $ 166 million from Bezos family to transform community health


NOTYU Langone Health today announced the receipt of a $ 166 million donation from the Bezos family to galvanize the health and well-being of diverse populations across the NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital community. This donation follows a $ 25 million philanthropic pledge made in 2017 by the Bezos Family Foundation to support major initiatives to help mothers, children and families in Brooklyn.

“Four years ago, through the Bezos Family Foundation, we invested in NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital to help support families in Sunset Park and provide them with better quality care. Today, in the midst of a pandemic that has heightened the need for more comprehensive health supports, our family wants to deepen our personal commitment to the community and the efforts of NYU Langone Health in Brooklyn, ”said Mike Bezos.

“I cannot thank the Bezos family enough for their visionary dedication to our communities and for their continued trust in NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital,” said Robert I. Grossman, MD, Dean and CEO of NYU Langone Health. “Our work in Brooklyn in particular has been deeply shaped by the partnership of family and our shared and heartfelt belief that absolutely everyone deserves the highest quality care and support that helps improve their lives and their good. -to be.”

The challenge

Health care leaders and systems across the country have long struggled to identify approaches that embrace two essential dimensions of improving health: providing the highest quality health care to all, while taking into account the context of health – the community in which daily life is lived. Isolated efforts that tackle these two areas separately have inevitably failed to bring about lasting change.

This challenge is particularly evident in poor and underserved communities where access to quality medical care is often lacking and where health and well-being are further affected by a confluence of social and environmental inequalities. There is currently an unprecedented opportunity to meet this challenge.

The solution

The $ 166 million philanthropic commitment made by the Bezos family will enable NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital and NYU Langone Family Health Centers to build on their accomplishments and the strengths of these diverse communities, and to create a dynamic model for improving health at the community level. at Sunset Park which will address the social determinants of health and the main drivers of health inequities. With the Bezos family, a large and deep network of community partners and other key stakeholders, the NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital will continue to create a comprehensive health system that not only meets community and clinical needs, but also develops a interwoven care network. and support.

The Bezos turned this initiative over to NYU Langone because of the investment and progress the institution has made in Brooklyn. Through its complete merger with Lutheran Medical Center in 2016 to create NYU Langone — Brooklyn Hospital, NYU Langone Health continues to pursue a rich history of partnership in Sunset Park and greater Brooklyn. NYU Langone Hospital — Brooklyn provides excellent care to the diverse immigrant population of southwest Brooklyn, strengthened by its network of partnerships with key social service agencies and community providers, and both are fundamental to its plans for the ‘to come up.

“Mike and I have seen first-hand their deep commitment to improving all aspects of health care delivery and health equity,” said Jackie Bezos. “The investment NYU Langone has made to ensure that the vibrant Sunset Park community has access to world-class health care has inspired our family to do even more to support Brooklyn.”

The Bezos family have also been motivated by NYU Langone’s dedication to community-based research and academic rigor, as well as their commitment to share the approach and knowledge they acquire with other health systems and communities in order to to contribute to the collective effort to create more equitable and homogeneous care. .

“High quality care needs to be integrated into the environments where health takes place, including our schools and communities,” says Mike Bezos. “With its strong partner network and collaborative model, NYU Langone is totally serving the greater Brooklyn area, and so are we.”

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