Online network providing mental health support to Albertans

Tanya Nichol is a senior clinician at Togetherall in Alberta and monitors discussion forums. Nichol says, “The 24/7 accessibility of the online platform makes a significant difference for users and helps break down barriers to accessing support. It helps to have an online space that can be accessed without referrals or waiting times,” says Nichol.

The platform allows users to access resources or receive support without telling their family, doctor, or where they work or study. It is also professionally secured. “We know that everyone needs support from time to time, and closing the gap in available support requires innovative solutions,” said Matthew McEvoy, Managing Director of Togetherall.

Forty percent of new service users in Alberta report having thought about ending their lives in the six months prior to joining Togetherall. In addition, 65% of members say they have experienced panic attacks and 88% of members say they have experienced stress.

Thoughts of self-harm were experienced by 36% of members in the six months prior to joining Togetherall, and incidents of self-harm were reported by 13% of newly enrolled members. Togetherall’s team of clinicians – online 24/7 – reach out to vulnerable people on an individual basis.

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