Pharmacy leaders can design effective work-at-home programs

Pharmacy leaders can be equipped to make effective decisions to support a successful work experience, regardless of the workplace.

A case study by researchers at Emory University Hospital examining the effectiveness of long-term work-at-home (WFH) programs, presented at ASHP Midyear 2021, found that pharmacy executives can be equipped to make effective decisions to support a successful work experience, regardless of workplace.

Investigators said that guides on managing remote teams using collaboration technologies such as Zoom, maintaining a safe working environment, and dealing with any security concerns can be successfully provided by businesspeople. managers in the process of implementing future WFH programs.

According to investigators, discussions with pharmacy executives and staff show increased employee engagement and productivity among those working from home. For this reason, even though the majority of teams must remain on campus to provide patient care and support services, they felt there was a need for pharmacy officials to evaluate an official WFH program for employees. eligible.

In the spring of 2021, leaders worked by department with employees to determine which of the 3 potential work options was available and appropriate. These included full-time on-campus, part-time home and part-time campus, and full-time home. Implementation tools and resources included guides, FAQs, security resources, policies and formal agreements.

In addition, a WFH workbook, an interactive planner containing communication planning and expectations, as well as a technology assessment and work unit adequacy tool were developed to determine which category was appropriate for a given job.

Ultimately, using the tools and instructional documentation provided by the human resources department of the health system studied, the pharmacy team assigned all hospital staff to 1 of 2 designations. People were either on campus full time or on a hybrid schedule working from home part time and on campus part time.


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