Sihaty from Kuwait raises $ 1.3 million to expand online healthcare platform


Kuwait-based health tech Sihaty received $ 1.3 million in a pre-Series A round from Rasameel Investments, The Taken Seat Fund, Doha Tech Angels, as well as a number of regional angel programs from foreground, he said. MENBytes today.

Sihaty The Taken Seat, a regional business creator, was founded in 2019. The platform allows users in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to consult doctors online. Doctors can use Sihaty’s products to talk to patients, save their medical records and histories, and prescribe medications, which are delivered to patients within 24 hours. The Kuwaiti startup’s mobile app has received more than 200,000 downloads since its launch in 2020.

The startup also aims to address the lack of quality primary care services and coordination of care essential for good health.

“For too long our countries have focused on a model of patient care. It’s expensive, fragmented, low-yielding, and it completely ignores the healthy majority. As a result, we have not paid enough attention to primary care and prevention, the priority interventions for health systems, ”said Dr Nadeem Alduaij, co-founder and CEO of Sihaty in a statement. He added, “Despite our obsession with building bigger and better hospitals, our region holds the alarming record of having the fastest growing chronic disease death rate in the world. A paradigm shift is long overdue and we already know what the solutions are. Technology has the power to evolve and improve their impact.

With the help of the latest funds, Sihaty will introduce the feature of having a family doctor assigned for all of her users to help families manage chronic conditions effortlessly. Sihaty will also create a service for mental health issues, not least as mental health issues continue to be stigmatized and undermined in the region. Besides Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the team hopes to expand this platform in the Gulf region.

Marwan Mahmoud, Co-Founder of DTA, said: “Doha Tech Angels is delighted to be part of Sihaty as an investor. We see great potential in Sihaty and in the vision of the founders. As a group of Qatari angel investors, we seek significant investment opportunities in healthcare technologies that address important regional challenges. “

Dakhil Al Dakhil, Executive Vice President of Alternative Investments at Rasameel Investments, said: “The founders of Taken Seat are building a reputation as serial entrepreneurs. They manage to leverage their expertise and build a world-class team capable of exceeding expectations in their go-to-market strategy. And that is precisely what we are experiencing with Sihaty.

With the COVID-19 health crisis, people are taking more steps than ever to make sure they are healthy. Digital healthcare platforms like Sihaty are making accessing healthcare easier than ever before, enabling people to maintain and improve their current health.

They offer a lot more flexibility and convenience compared to the hassle of having to find a good doctor and spending hours in the waiting room anticipating an appointment. Such platforms are particularly beneficial for people with chronic illnesses who need regular checkups, medications and tests.

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