Sitka Health Summit seeks community input for 2021 initiatives

The 12th Annual Sitka Health Summit in 2016 at the Southeastern Sitka Campus of the University of Alaska. (Photo courtesy of Sitka Health Summit)

A center for adolescents? A program that improves access to food? What inspiring health initiative deserves Sitka’s attention over the next year? The Sitka Health Summit plans to launch a campaign to collect ideas for its next planning day. Coalition members Doug Osborne and Johnny Elliot joined KCAW’s Brooke Schafer to discuss the event where two health-related initiatives will be chosen as goals for the 2021-2022 Health Summit. Listen now:

Past goals have included Teen Center (The Cloud), Fish to Schools Program, Sitka Farmers Market, Choose Respect Mural Project, Community Bike and Walking Programs, Methamphetamine Initiatives, Sitka Kitch , the Hames Center, downtown revitalization efforts, decolonization education, CO2 emissions reduction and construction of the Sitka community playground accessible to ADA. Residents of all ages are encouraged to make suggestions and share ideas. In 12 words or less with an optional brief description of less than 200 words, please submit your entries by noon on September 14th. Submit your ideas here or drop a written entry at the Hames Center, Sitka Public Library, St. Peters or the Backdoor Cafe.

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