Strengthening the public health system in eastern Ukraine [EN/UK] – Ukraine

In the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts, both GCA and NGCA, MdM supports the local health system through humanitarian aid and the response related to Covid-19:

  • Donations of medical equipment, medicines and consumables to PHC and Secondary Health Care (SHC) institutions in Donetsk and Luhansk (GCA). And donations of emergency medical equipment to the main health institutions of the NGCA in Luhansk.

In the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts, both GCA and NGCA, MdM supports the local health system through humanitarian aid and the response related to Covid-19:

  • Trainings and supervision of health personnel on SRH, MHPSS, GBV and Covid-19 from Sievierodonetsk, Shchastia and Bakhmut Raions (safe abortions, family planning, STIs, prevention of cervical and breast cancer) .

  • Health system support to respond to COVID-19 (contact tracing)

Strengthening health care at the community level

  • Conduct sensitization sessions at community level on health topics (including SRH,
    MHPSS and GBV) and changes related to Ukrainian healthcare reform.

Strengthen PMC referrals to CHS and improve access to specialist health care.

  • Institutionalization of knowledge, establishment of community of practice through partnerships with educational institutions for knowledge transfer.

  • Strengthen and empower communities in:

    • Provision of health and social services without barriers for the population.

    • Work with communities to build their social and protective capacities, empower them to take responsibility for their own health in order to improve access to health services by providing training on health-related topics and aspects of community development, promoting ingenuity for sustainable access to multidisciplinary basic health services.

  • Strengthen the resilience of communities by improving the availability of and access to quality multidisciplinary PHC services, specialized health care and social services:

    • In MHPSS, this ranges from self-care and community support which aims at the promotion of HD, early detection and prevention of HD conditions, as well as capacity building of healthcare professionals at the PHC level to treat minor mental disorders and refer identified serious cases to specialist mental health support.

    • In PHC and SRH through community self-help initiatives, such as community focal points, whose capacities are built on mental health, primary care and gender-based violence, as well as the provision of referral assistance to the population or social enterprise initiatives, supporting local health systems and ensuring the availability of multidisciplinary teams for HIV-positive and drug-dependent women, incentive system to attract more staff medical, support for specialized local units and rehabilitation of health establishments.

  • Strengthen community resilience by establishing community advisory councils as forms of self-help initiatives to improve access to health care and social services for their community members by ensuring participation and cooperation.

  • Work with communities on prioritizing health and social aspects during strategic and budget planning.

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