The Bridge Behavioral Health raises funds for withdrawal and treatment programs

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – As The Bridge Behavioral Health moves away from its emergency preparedness program, they highlight the role they will continue to play in Lincoln and ask for help.

The non-profit organization held its annual fundraiser on Tuesday, to show community members the services they continue to provide, such as medically supervised withdrawal and inpatient addiction treatment.

“Everyone who comes to the door is someone’s son, someone’s father, someone’s mother, their sister, their brother, no one is immune to this disease, it’s is such a critical thing that we can continue to provide services to those who need us,” Chief Executive Tammy said. Stevenson said.

They brought in motivational speaker Dick Beardsley, marathon runner and former drug addict, to stress the importance of resources.

“Addiction is something no one wants to talk about,” Beardsley said. “There’s this stigma attached to it, but it’s been there for a long time and will never go away…and to have a place where people can get help and get their lives back on track…s ‘there wasn’t a place like the bridge these guys would end up on the streets or be dead.

Stevenson said to continue providing these services they need donations. They accept monetary donations on their website, you can also purchase items that customers often need from their Amazon wishlist.

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