Wellness Wednesday: Keep Living Your Story at Asheville Community Centers for Seniors

Each September, Community Centers for Older Americans celebrate the wellness, cultural, and social opportunities they provide. Asheville Parks and Recreation (APR) has two such centers that specialize in recreation and recreation programs for community members who are in their prime.

harvest house originally opened as retail space in Kenilworth and was converted into a community center in 1964. The center on Grove Street was developed as a Senior Opportunity Center in the 1970s under the direction of Older Americans Act.

Community centers for the elderly have changed since their beginnings in the 1940s, as the National Council on Aging and the National Institute of Centers for the Elderly point out. this year’s theme: Strengthen community ties. However, they remain true to their original intent to be local, trusted places in their communities connecting people to the programs, services and opportunities needed to age well.

APR’s two community centers for seniors are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except special events). Although these centers are geared towards seniors, all ages are welcome.

Burton Street, Linwood Crump Shilohand Stephens Lee community centers have regular programs designed for people aged 60 and over; all APR community centers provide active living opportunities for community members of all ages. Browse current APR program guide for a list of all activities.

Harvest House Community Center – 205 Kenilworth Rd.

With a dance and exercise studio, pool tables, carpentry workshop, sculpting studio, weaving art room, relaxation area, movie screen, shuffleboard court and a multipurpose room, Harvest House has plenty of weekly opportunities to stimulate creativity, mobility and social engagement. To fall day trips in Cherokee, Asheville Art Museum and local restaurants allow newcomers and longtime residents to connect with the larger community.

Browse current programs and opportunities or call 828-350-2051 for more information.

Senior Community Opportunity Center – 36 Grove St.

Located downtown, the Grove Street Center is slightly smaller than Harvest House, but makes the most of its space with crafts, sewing, exercise equipment, billiards, ping pong, dining tables, greenhouse and playground. outdoor picnic. Daily and weekly programs include card games, bingo, modified exercise and nutrition classes, arts and crafts, and educational experiences.

The center hosts super saturday Doors open the fourth Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Special events planned for the fall include billiard tournaments, baking contest, pre-thanksgiving potluckand bowling at Star Lanes.

Browse current programs and opportunities or call 828-350-2062 for more information.

Council on Aging Restoration and Wellness Program

The Council on Aging Dining and Wellness program offers eligible adults the opportunity to enjoy daily hot, nutritious breakfasts at the Moose Cafe as well as weekly fresh local produce in a fun, safe and social setting at the Senior Opportunity and Linwood Crump Shiloh community centers . than other places in Buncombe County. More than a meal, this program connects participants to health and wellness programs, socialization opportunities and community resources.

This program is funded by grants received from the Buncombe County Council on Aging. Although there is no cost to participate, individuals have the opportunity to expand services through consumer contributions. Reservations after registration are mandatory. Visit ACO website for more information.

Twice a month, Asheville Parks & Recreation shares a resource or tip that can help in the development of intellectual, emotional, professional, environmental, financial, spiritual, physical or social well-being. For previous Wellness Wednesday articles, consult the archives.

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